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Kodi   Kodi 19.1

kodi media player for android

Omlet Arcade   Omlet Arcade 1.80.5

Save Screen, Submit Live Game

Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac   Iriun 4K Webcam for PC and Mac 2.3.2

using mobile phone as webcam

JioTV   JioTV 6.0.8

live broadcast monitoring application

BitTorrent   BitTorrent 6.6.2

BitTorrent download

Tubi TV   Tubi TV 4.12.1

Tubi TV download

Crackle   Crackle 6.1.9

Crackle download

Orion TV   Orion TV 3.0.1

Watch live tv for android 14.0

preparing videos from photos for android

Mobil Canlı Tv   Mobil Canlı Tv 2.6.0

Watch live tv for android

Video Player All Format - XPlayer   Video Player All Format - XPlayer 

hd video player for android

Google Camera   Google Camera

google camera app for android

MP4 Video Kesici   MP4 Video Kesici 

video editing app for android

Google Meet   Google Meet 2021.02.07.356386742.Release

high quality video conferencing program

Plotagon Studio   Plotagon Studio 1.37.8

free animation program