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Papara   Papara 3.6.6

all banking transactions from a single source 1.9.2

unlimited bank transactions

Microsoft Teams   Microsoft Teams 1416/

job and job management, job search

BtcTurk  PRO   BtcTurk PRO 1.40.1

buy and sell cryptocurrency for android

Binance   Binance 2.38.3

buy and sell cryptocurrency for android

QNB Finansbank   QNB Finansbank 3.0.0

QNB Finansbank application

MobilDeniz   MobilDeniz 2.25.1

Denizbank android application 3.120.2

buy and sell cryptocurrencies

Metro Fast   Metro Fast 1.0.146a

shopping app for android

Binance TR   Binance TR 1.6.0

buy and sell cryptocurrencies

ING Mobil   ING Mobil 2.5.2

ing mobile app for android

Green Dot - Mobile Banking   Green Dot - Mobile Banking 4.40.0

banking app for android

Kredi Hesaplama Kredya   Kredi Hesaplama Kredya 2.0.5

Finding the most suitable loan

Paribu   Paribu 3.3.7

buy and sell cryptocurrency for android

Pi Network   Pi Network 1.30.3

digital currency