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Bundle, 10 thousand from Turkey and the world? S on the news site, portal technology, blog, magazine columnist and the bringing together with you, is Turkey's most popular news reading application.

In Bundle, Hürriyet, Milliyet, Onedio, Sporx, Donanim Haber, Sabah, Yeni Şafak, Sözcü, Diken, T24, Habertürk, Cumhuriyet, Listelist, Maçkolik, BBC Türk and so on. You can follow the most important news and content sites in Turkey.

Bundle offers its users an extraordinary news reading experience, powered by the most popular RSS, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channels in various categories. You can discover the most up-to-date and popular news from Agenda, Economy, Entertainment, Art, Travel, Technology, Cinema, Magazine and many more categories with Bundle. * NEW * Explore even more dynamic!

? Breaking news? With Bundle, you receive the most important headlines and prominent news as instant notifications. * NEW * Do not miss any important developments of the day with the Notifications tab.

? Unrivaled Search Feature? We've improved the search results even more! Bundle's search feature instantly gives you results based on the keywords you entered. You can search for all news, headlines, authors and much more. Moreover, this most advanced search feature of all news apps is completely free!

? Reader Mode? If you're one of those who find ads distracting, switch to reader mode and focus only on the content.

? Offline Mode? Have you taken the subway or are you in a blind spot? No problem, keep reading all content once uploaded to your news feed even if you disconnect!

? Latest news? While Bundle delivers the most up-to-date news to its users instantly, it also offers access to the contents of the past 1 month. You won't miss the most popular and important news from many categories such as technology, sports, economics and science.

? World news at your fingertips? By changing your location preference with Bundle, you can read news and content from America, England, Germany and 18 different countries around the world and learn about the local agenda just like you have traveled to that country.

? Neutral and personal? With My Bundle, create a fully personalized news stream by following only the sources you want and trust. Access the latest news, content, articles and stories from all your favorite channels from a single point. * NEW * Keep track of your My Bundle resources by categorizing them, prioritize your favorite categories.

? Go beyond the agenda? Access the most interesting, inspiring and enjoyable content with the Hot Bundle, which includes the daily selections of Bundle editors.

? Share your feelings? Bundle offers its users an interactive reading experience. You can mark the news you like and dislike, and share all the news you want with those around you from your social media account.

? Is a picture worth a thousand words? Take a look at the best style, life and press photos from all over the world in our carefully compiled and instantly updated photo category.

? Do not lose, save? If you can't take time to read a story at that moment, save it for later reading, access it whenever you want.

? Easy to use, hard to put down? With Bundle's award-winning design and user-friendly interface, it can easily reach the news you want; With single structure, binary structure or list structure options, you can browse them all at once. If your internet quota is limited, you can turn off the news images, if the white light is tiring for your eyes, you can use the dark theme option. By logging in with your social media account, you can sync your recorded news and the sources you follow across all your devices.
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Bundle Breaking News Bundle Breaking News

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