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Lumosity is a program of mind exercises designed by scientists.

Test your memory, your attention and more. With more than 70 million users worldwide, Lumosity combines more than 25 games into a daily training program to run your mind. Games help you to stay fit with your performance while adapting to your performance


We are a team of scientists and designers who are looking for new ways to work the human brain and improve mental research.

Our scientists address known mental and neuropsychological tasks or design entirely new experimental tasks. Experienced designers turn these tasks into entertaining games that play basic mental skills.

We also have more than 40 university researchers around the world we work with. We provide expert researchers with free access to Lumosity exercise and tools to help them explore new areas of cognition.

While we are expanding our horizons about mind exercises, we invite you to workout with us and to join us in our mission to better understand the human mind. >
The application is available in English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages. To use the app in one of these languages, set your device's language settings to the desired language. For devices that are not set to one of the supported languages, the default language is English.
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