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Take time for your brain with GriCeviz, the most fun way to strengthen the brain.  Do personalized brain exercises developed by experts in the field and play fun games.

 24 Games in 6 Categories!
 GriCeviz, a platform that can be used by users of different ages and education levels;  It serves as an important aid in the development of children's mental abilities and in determining their strengths and weaknesses with gamified mind exercises, practices, mind and intelligence games in the categories of Visual, Verbal, Numerical, Memory, Attention and Logic.  For older users, it acts as a fun friend in preserving their brain skills.
 GriCeviz consists of personalized brain exercises aimed at the evaluation and development of cognitive skills and mental abilities with entertaining intelligence games, mind games, attention games, memory games, educational games and logic games prepared for both adults and children.
 Developed by Scientists
 Developed on the basis of the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Theory, which consists of the partnership of two traditional theories about the structure and content of human cognitive skills;  It is a learning platform.
 TÜBİTAK supported GriCeviz Artificial Intelligence Algorithm offers game options that will increase the learning speed of users by applying machine learning techniques.  GriCeviz adopts the principle of “Learning is a personalized experience”.  In GriCeviz, learning characteristics are extracted by observing the performance of each user, thus providing a “personalized” experience.
 The Most Fun Way to Strengthen the Brain GreyWalnut!
 Many games presented in categories (Visual, Verbal, Memory, Attention, Logic, Digital);
 -Achievements determined by scientists for each game and category
 -Gamified mind exercises for all ages
 -Personalized exercise program that is renewed every day for the person
 -Daily exercise reminder
 -Screen time restriction and game options with parental control
 -Progress and performance tracking with detailed reports
 -Performance comparison feature with other players according to many criteria
 -Offline play
 -Continuously developed content
 - Family play option
 -Detailed user tracking through the Management Panel
 Those who want to have a healthy and fit brain play GriCeviz!
 Those who are interested in IQ tests, those who are preparing for Bilsem Exams, those who have attention deficit and memory problems benefit from GriCeviz;  their problem solving skills improved, their concentration increased, their attention, numerical, verbal and logic skills improved;  therefore, it contributes to their academic success.  Now it's your turn!
 Play, Explore, Develop, Watch!
 Scientists, engineers and educators working in the fields of Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Special Education, Instructional Technologies, Measurement and Evaluation, PCR and Software are included in the GriCeviz project, which was developed at METU-Halıcı Software House in light of Emrehan Halıcı's experience in Mind Games and Intelligence Competitions he has been preparing for 40 years. taking.

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