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Hi!  Introducing Buddy, the educational virtual English teacher for kids!

 While playing with Buddy, kids unwittingly learn to speak English, build vocabulary, and say over 1500 words and phrases!  The interesting thing is, while playing with the kids, Buddy continues to learn, as Buddy's alphabet, vocabulary and educational abilities continue to evolve with innovations such as video-based exercises.
 It is a paid application
 With Buddy, it's possible to practice for a month for the cost of one private lesson.  Buy membership now and get all Buddy.ai content yours.
 Buddy provides a seamless English learning experience
 Your child may be fluent in English without even realizing it while playing the teacher game with the robot Buddy.  Buddy is never sick, never late, and is always ready to teach your child preschool English.
 Buddy understands you and your child.
 Buddy speaks your child's native language and English.  Our developers, who developed the preschool educational game Buddy, know very well how important it is for Buddy to understand children's speech.  Buddy listens to your child's pronunciation and corrects it if necessary, giving you the opportunity to learn English vocabulary so your child can easily get along with native speakers.  Children can start learning English with the educational intelligence game and virtual teacher from the age of 3, but the most productive learning period is between the ages of 5 and 10.
 Buddy's native language is English
 Buddy is a foreign language teaching American born in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Compared to Buddy, the educational children's game teacher, tutoring with native English teachers is much more expensive.  Learn English vocabulary with Buddy.
 Buddy continues to learn with your child
 Thanks to the English dictionary in his memory, Buddy repeats more than 1500 words and phrases under 14 headings with your child, while continuing to develop himself with new words and educational abilities.
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