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Otsimo   Otsimo 6.8.210708

Android for autistic children

Microsoft Math Solver   Microsoft Math Solver 1.0.186

solving math questions for android

Fun English   Fun English 24.6.2

Fun English download

Cake   Cake 3.4.0

learning english with video

ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand   ZINIO - Magazine Newsstand 4.45.4

digital newspaper app for android

EBA Akademik Destek   EBA Akademik Destek 1.2.0

Eba for high school students

Periyodik Tablo   Periyodik Tablo 1.07

Information about the periodic table

Google Classroom   Google Classroom

online class application

Lumosity   Lumosity 2021.03.15.2110326

Lumosity download

Anadolu Mobil   Anadolu Mobil 7.0.35

anatolian faculty app for android

Morpa Kampüs   Morpa Kampüs 1.4.9

morpa campus for android

Brainly   Brainly 5.30

homework problem solving

Quizlet   Quizlet 5.11.3

language learning for android

mBlock Blockly   mBlock Blockly 2.1.3

block-based robot coding for android

Anki   Anki 

reminder cards for android