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Running out of hard disk space? Documents spread over you entire system? Did you get a .zip or .rar file and you don t know what to do? There is only one answer: ZipGenius! ZipGenius can handle more than 20 compressed archive types, so it is a perfet companion for your work and daily activities; but ZipGenius doesn t handle compressed archives, only: it is flexible and expandable so it could almost everything you want from it. ZipGenius is a FREEWARE product, it is absolutely free for everybody and it can be installed in any environment and on an unlimited number of workstations (private, professional/commercial, corporate, educational, government environments are welcome). By default, ZipGenius comes with English and Italian language but other languages are available. What if your language is not available? You could contribute with a translation: read this page and discover how to do that!
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Zip Genius Standart Edition Download
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