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LOCK AND SHOOT! The troublesome KRA's forces have attacked our nation and threaten the entire free world! As one of the greatest military leaders in the world, you must take action to save us all!

You will engage in skirmishes deep in the sea, on land and in the air, in a deep solo campaign and an exciting multiplayer mode in this all-modern war strategy game. Take advantage of rich social features and use chat to plan a cunning battle. Create a click or join a click to join forces with others! Make your name known on the leaderboards by challenging your opponents and stealing their resources and become the best in this immersive game!

? A war simulation decorated with realistic units and buildings, along with great graphics and impressive animations

? Collect resources, build units, upgrade and combine levels, build facilities and achieve many success

? Do creative battles worldwide and in various regions (such as desert, city, snow, underwater)

? Immerse yourself in the only modern combat strategy game on the market that offers underwater exploration and battles!

? Build the new super unit Atlas and use it to change the flow of things in battle!

? Join other players' clicks or create your own to wage war, dominate and win prizes

? Facebook or Gameloft LIVE! Connect with your friends through and borrow your units during the battle
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