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ALL Windows 98 and Win 95 users (especially PC techs) should read the section titled: Windows 98 Boot Disk: "A Universal Boot Disk?" A Win 98 Boot Disk may even be helpful when working on a Win NT/2000 machine; especially if the HD was never formatted as an NTFS drive. [ Caution: NEVER use Win ME (Millennium Edition) boot disks near any machine with another type of operating system!   The Win ME file format and thus some of its util programs are so weird, that they only work correctly with the WinME OS! Trying to use some other OS on a WinME-formatted HD, will keep the OS from ever working properly! So, take note(!), if you ever want to install a different OS onto a Win ME machine (a hard drive that already had WinME installed on it), you must first RE-format the drive with some other kind of boot disk.]
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