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Ubisoft Connect (direct successor to Uplay PC) is a client of the Uplay service owned by Ubisoft, primarily created to digitally distribute games published by this company and provide players with a range of solutions for collecting purchased titles. Achieving achievements and trophies from Uplay, exchanged for additional opportunities in multiplayer and single player, Ubisoft games, communication between platform users, easier game update, streaming video from the game and saving game states in the cloud. The functionality of Ubisoft Connect is largely similar to what other solutions of this type offer - popular Steam and slightly lesser known Origin. The service is cross-platform and works on computers with Windows or Mac OS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U consoles, as well as mobile devices with iOS or Android system. The program also integrates with Facebook. To use the customer, you must create a free account on the Ubisoft website.

Thanks to Uplay PC, we can easily purchase, download, install, run and activate games that support the Uplay platform (most of the time these are Ubisoft games). There are also some free productions available, some of which run directly in your web browser. The program, of course, allows you to visit the store where the game offer is located, browse our game collection and remove unnecessary items. The customer is also interested in updating games automatically and saving their game statuses in a secure cloud. The app does not need to be constantly connected to Uplay servers, it is possible to use offline mode, but only some of its functions can be used in this case.

One of the most important features of the platform is the so-called purchased awards / trophies. The units we receive, among others, after performing certain actions in games that support the Uplay service. The rewards are additional missions, bonus equipment, wallpapers of famous productions, participation in game developer events, etc. It can happen. No matter in which game we perform the required actions, units obtained from them can easily be spent on trophies. to another title. The Uplay client allows us to view challenges, note our achievements, and buy rewards when we deserve.

Uplay PC social services allow you to integrate the program with your Facebook account and communicate with other Uplay users via chat. You can add an avatar to your Uplay profile, enter a signature, etc. Thanks to the integration with Twitch, we will be able to share and broadcast videos of our game. The program also offers the ability to create screenshots of currently running games.
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