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Challenge your friends and family with a trivia contest and prove how clever you are! TRAINING YOUR BRAIN
Who said trivia is not usable? With Trivia Crack 2, you're going to improve your brain. We have thousands of challenging trivia questions for you! COLLECT CHARACTERS 
Gather your original characters to level up and win amazing prizes. TRIVIA EXPERT OL 
Answer your questions in 6 categories: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Sports and Geography and show how smart you are! Build up your own team 
 Join a team of trivia experts or build your own team and climb to the top. A lot of prizes are waiting for you! FULLY RENEWED GRAPHICS 
Enjoy our beautiful animations and environments with sharper colors than ever before!  
MAIN FEATURES - Play with your family and friends
 - Enhance your brain with thousands of challenging questions
 - Join a team or create your own team 
- Change items with friends 
- Enjoy our completely renovated graphics!

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Trivia Crack 2 Download
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