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The Seal Hunter There are a lot of people on the world who slaughter their seals for money. Even the fact that these animals will lead to extinction continues to kill them. However, you can also see from the documentaries what kind of savagery seals, which are the species that have been protected recently, have survived. But wouldn't you want to create this brutality artificially? The game offers you a lot of weapons not only to seal but also to kill a lot of species. Of course this is a computer game. Otherwise, no one can afford them. The game is prepared in the style of a flash game, but no matter how brutality it is, it is so hard and fun. You install and install a small setup file on your computer and then you start playing the game. Learning the keys from the Options section is quite important for you to move quickly because the seals run fast. A small and fun game to play and if you want to kill time is a game for you. And it's free!
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The Seal Hunter Download
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