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Telve - Coffee Horoscope, Tarot Reading, Astrology, Fortune Telling, 3 FREE FALS EVERY DAY

Hello, welcome to Telve! At Telve, you can have 3 free fortune-telling of any kind you want, read daily horoscope, weekly horoscope or monthly horoscope interpretation for free, solve unlimited fun tests, have horoscope harmony with your loved one, draw a star map, learn the answer to your question from the magic sphere or daily affirmation sentences. you can read, all for free! Download now for the most special horoscope, horoscope comments and many fun tests

Coffee fortune telling
- Our talented coffee fortune tellers are waiting for you. You will be amazed at the length and accuracy of the comments. Comments that will touch your heart, you will be addicted to our coffee horoscope comments

 Tarot Horoscope ???? - According to some, the best fortune tarot card, the choice is yours! Transfer your intense energy to the cards, run your fingers over the cards, randomly pick 3 tarot cards. Tarot reads a lot, you know

Katina falı - Our newest fortune-telling katina fortune-telling Our fortune-tellers, who make pinpoint determinations, will summarize your life by looking at you! It contains the most accurate love horoscope interpretations, especially for those who want to have their love horoscope look.

Angel card
- Pick 3 angel cards at random and get ready for the sign that will guide you! This will make you read fortune every day.

Facial horoscope
- Our fortune tellers understand his past life and destiny because of his. He unravels your life with a photograph and gives advice about your future. We promise, you won't get enough of getting your face read!

- Easily take a picture of your hand, enter your information and send! You will love the palmistry that our talented fortune teller team takes special care of. Our fortune teller staff looks at the magnificent palmistry, from us to tell

- The most special horoscope comments are here! Our astrology expert shares his daily, weekly and monthly horoscope comments here. If you would like to get your daily astrology commentary from us, download Telve for free horoscope reviews. Free astrology comments are asked from us

 Fun tests
- You will never be bored while waiting for your fortune now, because fun love test, character test, relationship test, intelligence test are waiting for you at Telve! In our brand new test application every day, you will have an amazing time while waiting for fortune telling.

Zodiac sign
- Our horoscope harmony page that you have been waiting for has arrived! Are you curious about the compatibility between you and your loved one or partner? This page is for you, we have explained the love harmony between you in all matters.

Star map - Another eagerly anticipated page has arrived at Telve! Enter your birthday, time and place, you will be presented with all the detailed comments of the star map, free of charge.

Magic sphere
- What's the question on your mind? Close your eyes, ask about the problem and tap the Magic Globe. Our magic sphere is a master at answering your question! Once you try it, you will be addicted to our magic sphere, we tell you

Daily affirmation
- These affirmative phrases, which you will say 5 times by taking a deep breath, will change your life. Repeat the affirmation sentence as you breathe, realize your life has changed!

Ascendant calculation
- If you are curious about your rising sign, just download Telve, which calculates the rising sign. You can also learn Chinese horoscope by downloading Telve, for free!

Gold farm
- Earning gold has never been this fun! Plant wheat, corn, coffee to the field, collect the harvests when they're ready, get free gold! You can buy as many fields as you want, thus increasing the free gold you collect. Good wins!
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