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TekSoft Agenda Pro does the work of current tracking, calendar, address-label, barcode-label programs that can normally be used separately.

TekSoft Agenda Pro is the most advanced Current Account Tracking software. It shows the debt-credit status of your business instantly and takes control of all your current transactions. Just by entering the current screen, you can instantly see your current debt status on the screen. You can easily enter current transactions in many places in the program. The following current transactions are supported:


    Buying, Selling, Cash Buying and Cash Sales transactions: You can enter your purchases and sales with these transactions. You can easily make an invoice or delivery note for what you want from your sales.

    Sales in Installments: You can easily make sales in installments, print serial installment notes for installments, follow up installments both on the basis of current card and on the basis of all installments.

    Payment, Collection, Borrowing, Lending transactions: With these transactions, you can easily record your cash flow.

    Progress Payment Transactions: With these transactions, you can record the progress payments (personnel salary or other progress payments). If you want, you can create a current group for your employees and define your personnel as a current card, and you can easily follow up the wage progress and payments of your personnel through Progress and Payment transactions. You can also ensure that a warning is given when due for progress payment records.

    Transactions are also defined for your Customer Checks, Customer Vouchers, and your own checks and bills. With these transactions, you can register and follow up your Checks and Notes. You can see all checks and bills entered on the Check-Note tracking screen, apply a filter and get a report.

    Buy-Sell Returns: With these transactions, you can enter and follow up buy and sell returns. You can automatically create a refund record from registered purchases and sales.

    You can get account statements and many reports, and enjoy the comfort of taking full control of your current account. You can easily get detailed, recurring or regular account statements, and print the account statements or all reports in the program in formats such as PDF, excel, word ... (for sending by email).

    Advanced Analysis Opportunities: You can easily perform analysis such as Income-Expense Analysis, Current Account Analysis, Analysis of payments and collections made by credit card, Current situation analysis, and report analysis results.

    Tracking of Business Expenses: TekSoft Agenda Pro includes a screen named Budget. You can record your operating expenses (rent, electricity, water, etc.) on this screen. These records are automatically reflected on the Income-Expense Analysis screen, so you can easily see your Income-Expense status.

    Selective Current Cards List Screen: Agenda Pro includes a module where you can easily select the current cards you want and perform some transactions only for the current cards you have selected. With this module, you can send Bulk SMS to the current cards you choose, print an address-label, or add progress payment records collectively for payments and collections to be made within a plan.

    Printing Current Transactions Collectively: You can select any of the current transactions between two dates and easily print documents (invoice, sales record statement, payment receipt, etc.) for all current transactions you have selected.

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TekSoft Ajanda PRO

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