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The most popular of the STRIKERS series were planted on mobile devices. Enjoy the ultimate shooting game with the returning P-38, Shinden and four new planes. [How to play] Shots that can move the air fighter by dragging are automatically fired. It is possible to use bombs and charge shot with buttons. [Air fighter type] - P-38 Lightning: Concentrated shot, Postal Missile, Mustang Strike Formation - F-5U Flying Pancake: Spread shot, Automatic Laser, XB-35 Buster Formation - Focke Wulf Ta152: Concentrated shot, Giant Rocket Missile, A9A10 Rocket - Ki 84 Hayate: Spread shot, Syusui Super Rush, G10N Fugaku Shielding Fire - J7W Shinden: Concentrated shot, Heat Missile, B7ARyusei-kai Sweep Bombers - DH98 Mosquito: Common shot, Sequential Rocket Missile, Mosquito Attackers [Properties] - Can play 6 different Air fighters for free. - 4 different difficulty types available: EASY, NORMAL, HARD and VERY HARD. - Buying 'P item' can strengthen the weapon - It can start at full power at startup when you press the "FULL POWER START" button - Can be used to use unique weapons by tapping the charge shot button. - The charge shot indicator can be charged up to 3 levels, also the charge shot can be powered up indicator depends on the levels. - Can be used to buy bombs in the game. - Can use bombs to call support at dangerous moment. - It can change the original or full screen aspect ratio in the setting. - When the player is hit by an enemy air fighter, the shooting and formation level drops by 1 level. - It is possible to get additional points by purchasing a gold bar. - Supported achievement and score table. - 16 languages ??are supported.
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STRIKERS 1945 2 classic Download
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