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Stock market technical analysis program. The first and only Turkish stock market technical analysis program by writing technical analysis formulas. To be able to create unlimited number of technical indicators and systems by using 70 defined functions and variables. Ready to use More than 50 technical indicators and trading systems. Automatic, fast and reliable data transfer with Internet data transfer. Block data on monthly basis updated from the Internet at the end of the day. Automatic calculation of capital increases, fees, bonuses and dividends. Automatic generation of share code changes and the addition of new shares. Stock price and technical indicator charts on the basis of TL, USD, Euro and any selected index. Flexible and dynamic stock, index and currency charts showing high, low, close, weighted average, volume and number of transactions, with zoom-in and scrolling features. Colorful price and technical indicator graphs that can be selected according to increasing and decreasing prices. Detailed system tests including annual interest, loss cut, commission percentages, buy-sell and short-sell transactions. Display of system test results with buy-sell arrows on graphs. Defining and drawing technical indicators that can be customized with Stockbeat formulas. End-of-day price and volume statistics. Unlimited drawing on trend and technical indicator charts with trend line, ellipse, fibonacci fan and springs. To be able to add text and symbols on price and technical indicator charts. To be able to store drawings, texts and symbols on graphics on stock basis. Drag-and-drop and resize features on all objects. Price and technical indicator graphs that can work independently from the Internet. Easy to use graphical display with toolbars and shortcuts. Ability to transfer selected data to archive in order to increase database speed. English and Turkish language options. HTML help
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