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Are you suffering from insomnia? Do you want to calm your stress and anxiety?

Relax and sleep more than 30 sleeping sounds scientifically proven to help you control your sleep, soothe your stress, and prevent tinnitus with insomnia. Create your own mixes using nature sounds, white noise, relaxing melodies and soothing sounds. Get as high-quality sleep as you've never experienced before!

Sounds Why Help Sleep or
Studies have shown that you are still hearing the sounds in your brain, even when you're asleep. Therefore, annoying noises such as dog barking and car horns can awaken you. Sleep Sounds soothes your brain and suppresses unwanted noise. Helps you stay asleep, not just fall asleep

Sleeping Sounds Can Help You:
- Sleeplessness and easy sleep asleep
- Relax and soothe stresses and worries
- Uykuyu divisive voices prevent, sleep without sleep

- Get rid of snoring of your spouse

calm your crying baby
- Add sounds to your meditation
- Alleviate tinnitus
- Concentrate
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Sleep Sounds Free Download
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