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1.4.1 i-1-4-1-es-en-android.apk
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license: FreeWare
he main function of ReveLA WiFi is to control the security of your WiFi network and to recover passwords quickly. Of course, this is done in theory only with your own network; But in practice, things can change.

Using the program is as simple as pressing the refresh button in the upper right corner of the screen and waiting for all the appropriate networks to be found. The duration of the process depends on how much network you have nearby.

When it is over, you can choose your network (it is important if you do not do it with a network that does not have its own network) or you can test its security.

ReveLA WiFi is a tool that should not be used irresponsibly; Because the results of using it incorrectly can be very bad when it is simple to use and helps you with your own network.
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