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The values ??of the resistors are read with the codes of the colors. The program above gives us the value of 4-band resistors. So how is this reading done? As we said, there are 4 bands on our resistance. When the colors of these 4 bands are sorted from left to right 1. color: first number of resistance value 2. color: the second number of resistance value 3. color: how many zeros will be added to the right of the number obtained in the first two colors 4. Color: Tolerance of resistance refers to So our first color is Yellow, our second color is Purple Yellow: 4 Purple: 7 the first two numbers of our resistance value is 4 and 7 (ie 47). How do I know that yellow means 4, purple 7? The following table writes the meanings of the colors. We can find it from there. Come to our 3rd color. Our third color gives us the value of the multiplier. We see that he is also Red. Red: 2 This means that we have to add 2 zeros to the right of the number we found (47). So our new issue is 4700. We found the value of our resistance: 4,700 Ohm = 4.7KOhm. The 4th band on the resistance gives the tolerance value of the resistance. We see that it is also Gold; Gold: 5% The tolerance of our resistance is ± 5%.
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