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Car racing game with innovative features. Let's race against traffic.

It's more than overtaking and weaving throw traffic. Scoring goals to traffic positions.
Overtaking quality measurement with soccer ball distance.

In real life, there is no "Replay" button, obey the rules, drive safely.
Games are fun things. Games make what we do not in real life.

Many options for camera angles.
Five-lane highway.
Free and unlocked racer cars.
Dozens of different types of vehicles for feeling of real traffic. Truck, suv, bus, van etc...
Scoring for actions, depending on the distance of overtaking.
Overtaking from one soccer ball, two soccer balls and three soccer balls away.
Score system based on traffic positions.
Crazy traffic races definitions, cross goal, "between two cars" goal, break throw goal, and ladder pattern goals.
Different unusual sound and music settings.
Cool material design. Easy and practical menu.
Serial control. Balanced realistic and idealistic controls.
According to varying game modes, super advanced traffic flow.
Focus on the racing without gear changes.
Serial app flow. No "Loading" screen except the first opening. For the beginning in ten languages.
Upgradeable car features with gold in app. Maximum speed, acceleration, braking, collision, and handling.

Inspiration from nature. Natural environment, relaxing graphics.
Tropical environment, coastal road, forest roads, bridges ...
Morning, noon, sunset, rainy, cloudy atmosphere and environment.
All of the environments and atmosphere, selectable for each race.
Rich, different camera angles. action camera, rear cameras, overhead cameras.
Free customizations for car's colors and tattoos.
Choose your own tattoo and favorite color, blue, red, black..

Game modes - Racing modes
Seamless race modes, according to the traffic density and speed.
Modes for novice drivers or master driver.
Timed game modes. One minute, Two minute many goals.
Distance targeted competitions.
Crazy race modes. Plenty of goals. Reverse direction, no brakes...

Road map:
Updates more cars. (Always unlocked)
More leaderboards and achievements.
Different game modes.
Extreme challenging driving tasks section. (For user which have reached 500. level)
Respectively, compete with artificial intelligence, online racing mode.
General user requests.
More languages.

Play with accelerometer sensor.
Use brake more.
Select manual gas.
Make triple and quadruple ladder pattern for more points
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Racing Goals Download
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