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The Power Plan Manager for Windows allows you to automatically switch between Windows power plans based on which applications are active at any given time. Power Plan Manager supports switching between up to four power plans, allowing you to maximize energy savings during your daily routine use while still getting maximum performance when you need it. Some Windows applications are ?smart?, e.g. a DVD burning application which ensures that your computer will not go to sleep in the middle of burning a DVD. Unfortunately, most applications do not care. This is where Power Plan Manager jumps in to help you. Power Plan Manager manages a maximum of four power plans, assigned to power levels. The power levels are color coded. You can setup applications in a list and assign them to a power level. The green level is the default, which is used whenever there is no application active which has been setup in the list. Three more levels, blue, orange and red allow you to customize your computer?s behavior depending on which applications are active. Here is a typical example on how you could setup power plans: A default power plan with a display timeout of 10 minutes and a sleep timeout of 30 minutes is assigned to the green level. A second power plan with a display timeout of 10 minutes but no sleep timeout is assigned to the blue level. A third power plan with no display and no sleep timeout is assigned to the orange level. A fourth power plan with no display and no sleep timeout and with a minimum processor speed of 50% is assigned to the red level.
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Power Plan Manager Download
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