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Pidro Challenge card game is a game of courage and skill. You and your computer partner are playing against two computer opponents.

After bidding a round, the highest bidder chooses the color to play.

Dare and succeed or fail and be punished. Easy to learn, but with endless variety, this game offers hours of fun and clever gameplay.

Version 2.5.0 runs on Windows 10. Artificial intelligence was also developed.

The game is based on the Pidro card game. The card game Pidro is a card game played by four people.

Pidro is a team game - two team members sitting opposite each other compete against the other team.

At a high level, Pidro's general idea is similar to Bridge, that is, the game consists of two stages

1) Being able to choose the suit is important for bidding. The highest bidder chooses

2) Playing the bid and succeeding or failing and failing comes with a penalty The game structure is as follows:

Nine cards are dealt to each player and the player remaining from the dealer is the first to bid. There is only one round of bidding going clockwise from the first person. The dealer is the last person to bid. The goal is to bid the minimum points the team will receive. The highest bidder chooses the suit. If a player cannot bid higher, he must pass. After the bidding round, the highest bidder chooses the color to play. The highest bidder starts playing a card. Only the selected team can be played. The highest card of each round wins all points played during the round. The team that reaches 62 points takes possession first.

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Pidro Challenge

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