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The Turkish operating system supported by Pardus, Tübitak, has further improved itself with the Fatih project. now it targets home users. made very easy to use. Those who do not want to give money to the Windows operating system can try Pardusu.

Pardus with open source code created using the Debian GNU / Linux infrastructure; It is an operating system that includes products designed for corporate needs.

    The About Pardus application, which contains systemic information about Pardus, has been added.
    The compression algorithm used when importing iso has been changed. Consequently:
        Installation is faster.
        Pardus Employee option opens faster.
        The iso size has increased by approximately 10%.
    The application that creates the default templates for users is included in the system.
    Startup repair tool is included in the live (Pardus Employee) system.
    Improvements were made to the Pardus Live Installation tool.
    Improvements were made in the Pardus Package Founder application.
    Improvements were made in the Pardus Disk Pattern Printer application.
    Improvements were made in the Pardus Java Founder application.
    Improvements have been made to the Gnome interface.
    Improvements have been made to the Xfce and Gnome standard installs.
    Improvements have been made by the Octopus team in the server version.
    System improvements were made.
    Updates containing more than 100 packages and patches were brought to the installed system.
    Over 1000 packages have been updated in the repository.


    The default web browser Firefox version has been upgraded to 78.8.
    The default email client Thunderbird version has been upgraded to 78.8.
    The default media player VLC version has been upgraded to 3.0.12.
    Kernel version upgraded to 4.19.0-14.

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