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Paperless Printer is a virtual printer. Thanks to the paperless printer, you can print the original content, font and graphics of PDF, HTML, DOC, XLS, JPEG or BMP files as if they were printed on the printer. Thanks to the virtual printer that works with all versions of Windows, you can easily see how it will look visually before printing an article. The program is completely software product. It allows you to see how it will be if it is printed on paper without printing on a paper from a PC without hardware. To print a document, you can press the 'Print' button, select a program from among the printers, and - if you want, adjustment can be made - PDF, HTML, DOC, XLS, JPEG, BMP are selected as the save type and then print the file. It's the same as a normal print job without you needing to do anything extra. Within the settings, various arrangements can be made such as saving location, changing file name, choosing to send by e-mail after the file is created, title, subject, content, author, image, text, page positioning, page management.

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paperless printer Download
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