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With features such as faster page loading for users with low internet connectivity, Opera is one of the most popular modern web browsers. The browser, which supports HTML5 and CSS 3, has powerful features with desktop components. In addition, Opera offers a secure web experience. Opera, in addition to its features, offers many innovations to its users in its new version. With the "Opera Link" synchronization feature, browser access is provided from each computer. Providing WebP, CSS, and WOFF support at lower connection speeds, the Presto 2.9.168 engine delivers better image quality faster. With Opera Next, new technologies can be tested in the test phase versions. Features: Quick Search: There is a much shorter way to reach your favorite websites. Just open a new tab and drop it to the speed dial. It is now very popular and easy to use. Fraud Protection: With Opera's highly developed fraud and fraud protection, you will be protected from software that you enter on sites that try to steal your personal information. BitTorrent: You no longer need to host another BitTorrent application on your system. Opera provides you with this BitTorrent application. Add your Favorites to the Search Section: Right click on the site search section. And click on the new search book. Content Blocker: Deletes ads or images. With this application on your initiative, just right click on the images or ads you don't want and select "Block content". Widgets: Small Web applications (multimedia, news sources, games and more) will definitely make your desktop even more fun. Discover new widgets and choose your favorite widgets using the widget menu. For more information, click widgets.opera.com. Thumbnail Preview: It's easy to learn how many tabs you open in Opera. You can also do this in other web browsers. However, it is important to find out which tab or picture you want. It is a little difficult to find this feature in every web browser. Transfer Management: If you want the files you're downloading, stop, pause, start from the start, or just follow a small transfer management window at which stage they are. Tab System Scanner: With the tab system developed for easy and faster navigation on the Internet, you will have a less complicated way to surf the Internet and have more than one page in one application. Password Management: Password manager does not need to remember the password and your user name with a very reliable system in his memory keeps you and each member of a site you enter directly into your membership entry into the entry. Search Integral: Google, eBay, Amazon and many other search engine integrated options, you can type the keywords or even the letters of the search you want immediately. Talk: You can control your Opera web browser by reading the main commands in English. This feature is only available in English language for Windows 2000 and XP. Click for more details. Trash Conversion: If you have inadvertently closed your tab you can remove this tab from the trash basket inside Opera. You can also find ads or images that you have blocked. Opera Mail: POP / IMAP E-mail software allows you to control your email accounts without having to use another program. You can also follow RSS / Atom based news. Zoom - Zoom: You can zoom in on any part of any web page from 20 to 00%. Kiosk Mode: Opera Kiosk mode allows you to hide it in a public place to protect the pages that you have to leave open but do not want to appear. This way, you can also protect sites that contain your personal information in public places. Without closing!
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Opera Download
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