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Noom Walk is a beautiful and successful Android application that can count the steps you take. The application, which consumes a very low amount of battery while counting your steps, is very impressive. The number of steps you need to take for a healthy life can vary depending on your age, weight and height. With this application, the application informs you when we reach that number by determining the number of steps you will take daily. There is no need for any on / off operation after the installation for the application that counts your steps continuously for 7 days and 24 hours. He runs continuously in the background. By keeping the number of steps you took in the past, you can see them when you need to check them later. Below the daily steps you take, there are options to "comment" and "Quintetting". Using these features, you can compare the number of steps you take with your friends and loved ones, as well as support each other. The application, which I can qualify as the best step counting application on the Android platform, is completely free. By downloading this app right away, you will not pay extra money to the extra devices you need to count.
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