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I should say at the end sentence for impatient users who do not want to read to the end of Write indirbak and now say? What this program is doing ?? I want to respond to questions. What I'm trying to make this program the original; program formulation module estimated that own, after each draw after analyzing the very figure out the raffle from various angles and then reviews within its algorithm almost LEARN develop and then use this new dynamic estimating modules in all of the estimates and enable the user to select the numbers accordingly? In addition, each user, so I'll tell you right to the end of the manuscript can create their own magic formula and the formula can be subjected to a thorough test for consistency and success in the past. It goes without saying that I will not be. If you pay attention to the program, when his detailed analysis and complex processes considered as being quite fast but also extremely small size also. Most of the code I'm trying detailed so on blogs and codes I shorten intelligent algorithms developed lines of code by repeatedly from scratch, write a program to create even to make it sheer and thus high speed and size, not to mention a very low I hold, I guess. Except for the huge commercial and corporate software packages, such as the introduction arise primarily written to the personal needs of each program and for this reason I started writing this program primarily curiosity and for personal use. But as you write and develop new methods and explore the different approaches unraveled to present this work, I decided to share. Obviously I'm trying to do; take the lead in many areas of life, I believe in the figures Technical Analysis logic that can be used in the magical world and Turkey Lotto 'Technical Analysis of the start of the semester. These programs are inevitable, but was really a breath of fresh arrive program written on the subject in our country. There are tons of programs really so to speak on the subject in the market. I examined a call a few programs. 1-2 Although many of them are generally good program and we see each other, they are in ordinary repetitive nature. Well like i said? bad, cheap - I've seen many programs is expensive and paid membership website, but I have many employees usulüyle variety of analysis errors I do not want to declare here when I viewed some or statistical errors. That's why this program is that wrong I try to completely minimized. 13 million 983 thousand 816 also obviously a possibility to make a program that prints whether accounts, everyone can think fine in theory, but in practice the magnitude of these numbers will agree how pointless. Stop playing that column, you will need to examine even know how to spend the month of your life. Lotto 'If you look at the simple fact is that the main logic. Side "Test" As you can see, for example by applying the average of the number of all the results in section 100 draws about 100x6 / 49 = ~ 12.24 'may come a number of times to 20 times that should have come sooner and can not is another issue at all. However, when increasing the number of lotteries and sweepstakes held 1,000,000 And when such rates are not quite as close to each other relative. That is one of the many points that I rely on this program is the fact that the math. If a number of chances to come haunting number came out 20 times in 100 draws and no other number would be much too large relative to the other. Mathematics tells us. I obviously wanted to offer this program in 13 million 983 thousand 816, rather than the end user the possibility to suppress hesaplatıp clearer and flat perspective. Of course this perspective is not only limited to these factors, and this is not so simple. Program number here if you can not write very much like Visually inspect a buyer, you will find really serious detail and analysis. I developed myself formulate various oscillators, indicators, etc ... Now look at them "off the bottom of chance, man amman drool have the numbers work" you might say. You are wrong ... there are basically four data Look at the stock market. Minimum seen in the days of a stock, the closing value of the maximum value and volume (volume) information. So I just made a detailed analysis using a very serious high mathematical equations based on these 4 basic data and developed almost a century, hundreds of standardized history and literature formula, indicators etc. There is. Program with all of this filter can be too much (di). (n 1) (n = 2) with such filters, the number of consecutive eliminate the likelihood of them from relatively less of course also be a logical fact. Likewise, the number of chances at a time like 01-11-21-31-41 constraints can be placed in them will be lower (di). In fact, it is consistent in itself and can be inconclusive and more importantly, as long as all analyzed numerically, all methods are reasonable. According to empty a lottery ticket in a method according to the low probability of spike come in the form of numbers to create a smooth and regular lines can put constraints. For example, as less likely to occur than usual to come along in the same number of draws 2-11-20-29-38-47. So you will understand, it does not break these constraints. You can develop any kind of constraint. I use this program here and say that I'm counting a lot of filters in different weight and I have developed formulas. Just like drugs do. When mixed in the proper proportions of certain active substances in nature can become a miracle drug or poison when mixed in a ratio of unsuitable as we all know. You actually have a confession: Years ago, my childhood my father 5 tutturun by now our family, our surroundings, we even sit apartment and even neighborhood Lotto another person? the possibility of reduction of fixing something great (I'm not saying to stay, but I say look very significantly decreased) until about 20 years as a result of a numerical fact I never interested lotoyl. In fact it was receiving mixed reactions from everyone around me smile when I explain that. Fortunately break long enough time has passed now and again :) I care and beauty at the beginning of the program, as I explain the difference; This program can be named by developing your own unique formulations can shed their technical analysis of histograms in the chart, you can share with other people and if you wish the most important 1. You can hold subject to the week last week or until the language you test consistency between the two dates. So perhaps the correct medication as much as can be found with the precise mix that will find you the magic mixture and Lotto you play according to the formula you create coupons with the old TL in accordance billionaire, YTL in accordance'll be the millionaire.
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