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Kâtibim School Bell Program, This bell program is used to ring the school bell from the computer environment by using the sound card of the computer. Katibim school bell reduces the monotony in schools with its rich melody options. He can broadcast relaxing music during the recess and give audio and educational messages. In this way, the School bell can be used as an educational tool.
-Melody settings help to select individual melodies for student entrance bell, teacher entrance bell and student exit bells if desired.
After the student and teacher entrance bell, if desired, you can play ready announcements for the student and teacher.
With the help of the time table, you can easily set the entrance and exit times.
- With the help of the music list, you can have students listen to educational audio messages or broadcast music at desired breaks.
- Thanks to the power control, you can control the amplifier used by the school bell using the COM1, COM2 or LPT1 port. In this way, you can save power by preventing unwanted sounds from going to the speakers and keeping the amplifier on all day long. -With the feature of resetting the Windows sound, the sound of Windows is automatically reduced to zero level during the lesson from the volume control so that the sounds generated on the computer during the lesson do not go to the speakers without using the ports.
-With the Scheduled Tasks section, if the meeting bell or any other bell will be ringed at any time outside the entry-exit hours, it can be set from this section. - With the "Check manually" option, we can ring bells manually such as entrance bell, exit bell, teacher entrance bell, Turkish National Anthem and Alarm whenever we want.
-With the help of the minimum view, the program is placed at the top of the screen and shows the number of lessons and the remaining time with a scrolling text.

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Kâtibim Okul Zili Programı Download
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