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2 and 1 Dimensional Waste-Free Cutting Optimization Program. MDF, Chipboard, Composite Panel, Glass, Metal Pipe - Profile Cut Optimization Program. There is guillotine, Nesting and Roll Optimization. (New) Program 100, 500, 1000, Unlimited Parts, CNC- GKOD and Sizing Machine Versions Are Available.

- Panel makes profile optimization.
- 7 Levels horizontal, vertical and mixed cutting can be done. - Gives PVC metering and cost. - Track information can be transferred automatically from Excel.
- Optimization result can be transferred as EXCEL (1D).
- Optimization result can be exported as DXF (2D).
- A G CODE (2D) File Can Be Created Compatible with CNC Router and Sizing Machines.
- Gives Panel Cutting Steps for ease of cutting.
- In A4 and Barcode printer format, labels can be taken according to the Part or Cutting order.
- It costs money. - The remaining parts can be stocked.
- It can be cut in the water direction.
- Additional costs may be deducted.
- Different units of measure can be used.
- Fractional measures can be entered.
- PVC thickness can be automatically reduced when adding parts.
- Blade Allowance and Edge Trimming Allowance can be given.
- Optimization process can be applied for different material types at the same time.
- Customer records can be kept.
- Hole process can be defined for the panel.
- Easy to transfer from drawing programs
- Special versions that work fully integrated with Macmazza, MP120 and MP70 machines.

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