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The Solo 15X15 is a word game on a board, played against a computer and does not require an internet connection. In this case, you need to make meaningful words on the board by using the letters given while you are on the board and the letters on the board.

There are three types of virtual characters in the game that symbolize different levels of difficulty. You can open new games up to five games at the same time as these characters, and you can continue playing without interruption.

Kelimeler You will get a player who will play while you are playing solo. It is also automatically shown that a move is invalid. With our Alphabet Table feature you can easily learn how many letters are left in the game during the game.

In our Solo Solo game, a list of best for weekly and all time is shown. You will be listed with an anonymous name automatically created for you and you can change this name for free for a period of time. For later changes, you have to pay.

Kelimelik Solo provides income from the ads in the game to cover development and reimbursement costs. We apologize for the inconvenience that you have given our advertisers with the advertisements we broadcast.

You can completely close the advertisements by making in-game purchases if you want to.

We refer to the Turkish Language Association's Actual Turkish Dictionary.
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Kelimelik Solo Download
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