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Jazz JackRabbit 2 is a beautiful 1998 platform game produced by Epic Games.

In this game, we have to neutralize the enemies we encounter with various weapons. There are two characters we can use. These are the green bunny Jazz and his little brother Spaz.

The story takes place between Jazz and his ferocious nemesis Devan Shell: Devan Shell builds a very mysterious time machine and travels to the past to destroy the planet Carrotus.

Jazz and Spaz pursue Devan through the door of time to thwart Devan's evil plans. If they fail, maybe they will never be born! According to another story, Devan Shell steals the wedding ring of Eva Earlong, whom Jazz will marry, and goes to the past with the ring. Without the ring, it is not possible for Jazz to marry Eva.

The game can be played single or multi-player. 5 of the 6 episodes are closed (restricted), we can only play the episode named "Shareware Demo". This episode consists of 3 parts and the game ends when the boss monster in the last part dies. We encounter different creatures along the way. Signs on the roadside give some information about the game when you stand next to it. Here are a few tips about the game:

The carrots you collect increase your energy.
Checkpoints record where you stay. If you lose your life, you start here.
You have to collect coins to unlock unlocked gift sections.

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Jazz Jackrabbit Jazz Jackrabbit Jazz Jackrabbit

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