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Patient Tracking SQL v2.x (27.02.2020)
- Added new fields to patient headers and detail information.
- Form sizes have been enlarged and icons have been changed.
- The patient image definitions form has been redeveloped.
- Patient search form has been rearranged for more efficient use.
- A new command has been added to the main menu for quick access to the latest patient record information.

Patient Tracking SQL v1.6 (17.08.2014)
- The appointment tracking form has been redesigned and made much more flexible
- Quick patient find and latest patient registration commands have been added to the registration process menu
- The AGE field in the patient information has been automatically calculated according to the system date.
- TC No field has been added to patient information
- Physical development section has been added to the patient information area. (It contains fields where Weight, Height, Head Circumference, Chest Circumference and Abdominal Circumference data can be entered)
- Added graphic for newly opened physical development (Persantil) section
- HOUR field has been added to the appointment section of the patient registration information.

Patient Tracking SQL v1.5.2 (08-12-11)
- The database has been renewed as MSSQLServer (Microsoft SQLSERVER Express and all necessary tools for the software are sent from the software CD. MS SQL Server Express version can be used free of charge up to 2 GB data size. and 2 GB file size for patient follow-up software means millions of records.)
- Sending SMS on special days for registrations
- Adding as many files as desired for a patient and file explorer (image, video, document,...)
- Doctor definitions
- Enlargement of the screen in %
- Automatic alerting of records with birthdays and sending sms
- Automatically adapt what will come to the control and send sms
- Ability to work simultaneously in a network environment
- Secure and robust data structure
- Improved export options (reporting data in formats such as MS Excel, MS Word, HTML, ....)
- Improved interface

Patient Tracking SQL v1.2 Innovations:
-Automatic backup system on exit
-Records export feature
- add as many pictures as you want to a record and picture explorer
-new version control system
-To be able to enter all the detail information of the patient.
-Fast access to recorded information
- Ability to add pictures to recordings
-Detailed reports
-Export (Transferring data to formats such as Excel, Word, Html, etc.)
-Address book
-Note warning system (module where you can enter the notes you want to be reminded in the future)
-Report designer
-Data backup
-Database maintenance
-To be able to encrypt the opening of the program.
- Ability to work simultaneously in a network environment

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Hasta Takip SQL

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