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language en
license:  GNU/GPL
The game puts you (the hacker) against the worlds most advanced computer system! You will have to stack your way through a range of levels, increasing in dificulty, to finally face that special challenge at the end. Originally released in 2000, it was re-released in 2010 with updated graphics to celebrate it's 10 year anniversary. It features multiple levels and smooth falling blocks. Classic (no levels), Single player, HaCKMaTCH (against each other) and CoOp mode. All multiplayer modes can be played on one PC or over network/internet. The object of the game is stack the blocks at the bottom of the screen. When a row is filled, it dissapears and the level moves down. The more rows you fill at once, the higher the score for clearing the rows. You also score extra points for instantly dropping the block down.
Tags: , advanced tetris game , HaCKer download
HaCKer Download
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