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GTA Türk game will make you feel as if you are walking on the streets of Turkey. In this version, the streets look like the streets of Turkey and there are some Turkish cars among the cars, mainly Tofaş's Şahin and Doğan. In addition, the character you play in GTA has been compared to Turkish and made fun.

This version has reached a large number of players in a short time and GTA Turk fans are increasing day by day. There are many missions in the game like the game we normally play, to give an example of some of these missions; You can take part in many tasks such as firefighter duty, police duty, taxi driver duty.

You can watch our installation video on the GTA Turk Installation page to follow the audio and video video narration of the GTA Turk patch prepared by Indirbir.

GTA Turk Installation;

First of all, we recommend that you backup your old GTA files before doing this installation.

    If you have made changes through the GTA Vice City game, reinstall the game.
    Then open the GTA Mod Installer v4.0 that you extracted from the zip file, then click "Continue", then 3 options will appear in front of you by clicking the option that continues as "Install a mod (with a script file) to..." Click Next.
    Then select "I want to select the ZIP or RAR file..." from the window that appears and click the Next button.
    You will see such an option as "...", click on it, select "GTa Turk" and click the Next button.
    After waiting for a short time, a window will open again, click "...", and you need to find the folder where you installed Grand Theft Auto Vice City. After you find the folder, click Next.
    When you do these operations, it will ask you to backup your old GTA version. We recommend making a backup.
    Now all you have to do is wait for a while. After it is finished, we finish the 1st stage by clicking the EXIT option.

Stage 2:

    Copy the GTA Vice City User Files from the Zip you downloaded earlier into the My Documents folder. After doing this, you will have installed Gta Turk City.
    When entering the game, you need to log in from the saved game, that is, from the save. You can select your character wearing the jersey of your favorite team by entering the Settings>Player Type tab on the four major team jerseys.

Note: If you do the step-by-step installation process as we mentioned above, you can successfully install GTA Turk City.

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