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Two apps in one: a build your own flash cards app and GPA calculator all rolled into one. Flash Cards: GradeDroid allows you to build your own flash cards, without any hidden fees or need to sign up to an external web site. Just create a subject, and then the cards. It is that easy. Then study anytime you have your phone with you (which is, let?s be honest, always). GradeDroid also allows you mark the harder questions, so you will see them more often, and hide the ones you get correct. Allowing you to focus on the tough ones. Then before the test, reset the cards and go through all of them! GPA Calculator GradeDroid is also a simple GPA calculator helps you keep on top of your grades, so you can spend more of your time...umm... studying. GradeDroid is easy and simple to use. To enter a course, just type in the course number, name, letter grade, and number of units. Then mark the course as a major and/or honors (AP) course. Then GradeDroid will calculate your GPA, Major GPA, Total Units and your Major Units. Not a freshman and don?t want to enter in all of your old courses? Then just tell us what your GPA is now and how many units you have completed and you are ready to go. Want to know what your GPA will be when you get all A?s this semester? Type in the courses and give yourself A?s. What about 4 A?s and 1 B? Any combination is possible. Your University or College doesn't give you an extra point for an Honors course? Then just turn it off in the settings menu. Most of the features in GD have come from our users. If you have an idea for the next version, send us email and we will try to add it to a future version.
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GradeDroid Download
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