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eTABU is a party game in which players try to guess the words described by teammates who can not use prohibited words and movements by leaving two pieces. The first team to reach a certain pooh wins the game. If you played the classic desktop Tabu game, this game will be familiar to you. Cards are available in English, German, Polish, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Russian. RULES: 1. Leave two tabs. 2. Select the first player to tell the key word. 3. The opposing team selects the person to control: - use of prohibited words - the use of plural or abbreviations of banned words. - movements and sound imitations. 4. When the key word is known, the checker succeeds the OK button [+1 points], if the rules are violated, the BUG is successful [-1 points]. 5. When the set time ends, the opponent starts his own hand with the same rules. 6. One of the game teams continues to reach the designated pin. In the event of a draw, the team that has missed fewer words wins. During the game, the player can use three keys: - PAS - to leave the word and move on to the next - STOP - to stop the game - TRIAL - to specify a typing error

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