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You can control and manage computers in a private network (lan), veyon, epostes, etc. a software.

What you can do with the software;

    You can run linux commands on open computers at the same time.
    You can copy files to multiple computers at the same time.
    You can send a message to all computers or to the screen of a single computer.
    You can lock all computers or the screen of a single computer.
    You can turn off all computers or one computer.
     You can update all computers or a single computer.
    FTP access can be made to the open computer.
    Access and use the screen of the open computer.
     You can broadcast video.
    You can broadcast live camera.
    The open user can copy files to the desktop and collect them back.
    You can select the computers you want and only process the selected ones.
    You can copy the script to the administrator account of the remote computer and run it on the server.
    Mirroring the screen of the server computer

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e-ağ e-ağ e-ağ

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