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Catalogue your movie collection in no time! DVD Chief can automatically recognize movies when you insert a DVD or Blu-Ray disk or ISO image, automatically filling in all the necessary detail by connecting to an Internet database. You can enter your movie titles ? or simply keep inserting the discs one after another for DVD Chief to fill in your movie database completely automatically!

With DVD Chief, you can browse, rate or search through your collection of movies without having to insert the original DVD or Blu-Ray disc. With multiple fields available for the movie, actors, persons and staff, you can browse, sort, filter and navigate your movie collection the way you need. Find all movies in your collection starring the same actor, directed by the same producer, or made by the same studio in just a few slicks!


Catalogues your entire movie collection for easy offline navigation
Automatic indexing of your movies by the title
Automatic indexing of DVD/Blu-Ray discs and ISO images
Automatic access to online movie database
Downloads details about the movie from the Internet
Easy browsing, searching and filtering
Unicode and multi-lingual support
All fields available in multiple languages
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