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Debian is an operating system created by volunteers who decided to build a free operating system. This operating system is called Debian GNU / Linux or Debian for short. OS; allows your computer to run programs and applications. The core of the operating system is the core. It is the most basic program for the core computer to run households and other programs. Debian systems use the Linux kernel. Linux is a piece of software that is launched by Linus Torvalds and has thousands of supporters worldwide. In addition, works are underway for Debian to work with other kernels, especially the Hurd kernel. Hurd allows servers to work with a variety of features on a microkernel (such as Mach). Hurd is a free software produced under the GNU project. Most of the basic tools come from the GNU project, which is GNU / Linux and GNU / Hurd. These tools are also free software. Of course there are programs that people want, programs to do their jobs, documents for their work, and games that they play when they get bored, to software development tools. Debian comes with over 43000 packages (compiled and ready to use, easy-to-install software)? all are free. This can be compared to a tower. Basically the core is located. It includes basic tools and all the programs you may want to run later. At the top of the tower; Debian is carefully and meticulously organized, allowing everything to work in harmony.
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Debian  Debian  Linux  (Network  Install) indir Debian  Debian  Linux  (Network  Install) indir

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