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A good strategy game set in the Middle Ages. You must ensure that the royal household you belong to is successful. The game comes with many new options.

    Choose a household of royal or aristocratic origin on the map, which includes multiple regions from Iceland to India, from the Arctic Circle to Central Africa.
    Rule a dynasty for centuries, ensuring that each new generation maintains its security and strength. Gain new lands and titles to strengthen your legacy.
    Become a religious king or take a new path and start your own religious group to rally the power of religious communities; You may eventually attain eternal fame, or be the target of an eternal curse.
    Experience the powerful events and glamor of the Middle Ages with knights, peasant revolts, pilgrimages, Viking raiders and more.

     Choose from five different lifestyles and perfect your war strategy or kingdom management skills.
    Gain character traits that will guide your actions, but be careful not to act against your nature! The pressure to deny your true personality can get you in a lot of trouble!
    Choose suitable guardians for your heirs or train them yourself. What if your legal heir isn't fit for the job?
    You can build a reputation for fear with aggressive characters and force your timid subjects into obedience through the fear you arouse.

     Recruit troops and powerful knights to strengthen the royal troops under your command.
    Research new technologies to increase your kingdom's wealth and military might.
    Utilize mercenaries and Religious Troops in major battles.
    Earn additional income by taking ransoms for captives or organizing raiding expeditions to neighboring kingdoms.

 Use your intelligence chief to learn about conspiracies against your dynasty and its rule.
Recruit agents to assist in your plans to kill everyone and destroy everything that prevents you from regaining power.
Seduce other characters to gain popularity and political power.
When your plans require extra influence, gather intel to blackmail or ask for favors in the past.

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Crusader Kings III Crusader Kings III Crusader Kings III

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