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Take a journey into the uncharted depths of creativity!

Creativerse is one of the best sandbox adventure/building games on Steam. Free to play with a fair monetization approach that keeps the core gameplay 100% free. Join millions of players worldwide who choose Creativerse!
An enormous, reactive world
Begin your journey in your own private world with a horizon that stretches for days in all directions. Explore exotic biomes, strange creatures at war, mysterious caves filled with dangerous materials, raw materials and rare treasures. Survival won't be the beginning.
Be a powerful Creator
Master your world with the power of mining, hunting, crafting, cooking, farming and transforming the land. Realize your creative potential as you dig deeper, build higher, learn hundreds of recipes, unlock powerful vehicles and design mechanical marvels. Your options for reshaping your world are almost endless.
New generation protected area building
Go beyond the traditional, often elaborate sandbox experience with advanced tools like Blueprints, player-created builds with step-by-step instructions. Advanced machines like logic gates, sensors, math blocks and more allow you to bring your creations to life. Builder Mode lets you skip the collection and crafting cycle to get straight to the building. And fully rotatable and paintable blocks let you customize every detail of your world.
A vibrant, creative community
Join thousands of players in hundreds of public worlds and journey together. Or invite your friends to join you in your private world. Multiplayer is built-in and hassle-free, allowing you to meet up with your friends in seconds. Regular community events and seasonal events, as well as an active community on forums and disputes, keep things fresh.
Fair-to-play monetization
We are committed to making Creativerse's monetization system fair, free of pay-to-play mechanics. Two ways we earn money is with the Pro membership, which lets you create multiple worlds with advanced customization options, along with fully optional extras like skins, auto-build bots, jetpacks and block skins. The core game will always be free.
Constantly updated by a passionate development team
It has been carefully developed by a team that listens to player feedback and regularly updates the game with new features and content. Join our Discord server and be heard!

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Creativerse Creativerse Creativerse Creativerse

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