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Most computer users are used to ripping CDs - it s just the natural course of things. But what happens when you encounter technical issues (e.g. when the CD has protection right)? Instead of banging your head against the wall, or looking for another CD with the same contents but without protection, it s easier to get ahold of an application that is smart enough to bypass these protection settings. ClonyXXL is a CD and DVD image utility tool, able to detect the copy protection of a disc. This way, you can attempt to rip a CD/DVD while bending the rules a little bit. Ok, so you have installed ClonyXXL. Don t be quick to dismiss the entire software just because it s in German. Although some words are easy to figure out what they translate into English, make sure to have a dictionary nearby (e.g. Google Translate). And no, other languages are not available. What do you have to do? Simply insert the CD or DVD into the drive, and let ClonyXXL scan it for you. This application detects most known protection rights, and it will inform you of them. From this point on, you are free to make an entire copy of the respective CD or DVD. Testing this application was... long, to say the least (due to the whole German thing). Indeed, ClonyXXL has successfully managed to detect some of our discs, while it wasn t enable to do so with others. CPU and memory are fairly used, so your computer won t jam or anything. We can t say for sure whether ClonyXXL will detect your CD/DVD protection rights or not, because who knows what strange, unheard of discs you have lying around your house. So, install it and try it for yourself!
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