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First we start the game with Ivan and Russia. After a short training session, we find ourselves in intense conflict. We meet this with a few innovations not shown in the exercise section. These are our primary landmarks. The compass in the lower left corner is identical to the previous game, but with a difference. Now we can see our enemies in red color. This event is very useful for us in intense conflicts. The second innovation is our non-health show. To make the game more realistic, the concept of health care package has been removed. In the vote, the tasks are played in the form of linear and pre-arranged scenes, as in previous games. However, the producers give all of the tasks to be done in some parts in order to overcome this lineage to some extent and give us what we will start from. A, B, C, D, E are the letters that normally appear in the compass and replace the stars that mean duty. If we want to start with whichever is nearest or ours, we can start from it. If you do not have a hand on FPS games, or if you want the enemy not to push you hard, start by choosing Easy.
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Call Of Duty Download
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