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Are you ready for the gun show? Blitz Brigade this extremely intensive (and costly) has prepared a comprehensive combat environment in the online FPS game feast!
is one of the seven senior troublesome class of soldiers in the army, war paint to shut down and other players take target their enemies with the team you dreamed razed ... Then blew again to scrape them from the battlefield earth!
online game Blitz Brigade, offers an alternate history: world leaders are amazingly sensible and the allies as well as enemies, unusual way of world war, that means death for each army aware. That's why the two sides are well aimed and compiled, no weapons, bombs, tanks and BOMs! They're an incredible team with exploding arena neater instrument to fight with each other (and fun) to be decided!
birds the equipment and experience the thrill of combat MMO FPS!

? Up to 12 players can fight online at the same time for maximum entertainment in war games.

? Participate in limited-time events for tons of fun new content like new challenges, seasonal races, custom-made weapons and costumes!
? By creating a manga or joining an existing mangas, you can defeat your global opponents in MMO team games and fight to win singles and prizes.

? With voice chat to communicate with your most furious war identify strategies FPS instant allies.
SELECT CLASS ENEMY TO SPEND decimated Reviews? Class 7: Versatile Soldier, heavy power Shooter, support member Medic, Sniper target does not rebound, sneaking secret unit, startling and disruptive tactics formed Engineering master took top meat. Reviews? To win the battle, personalize the special skills of each game class and specialize in them to show success in team games and prevent your opponent's plan. The features that can change the direction of each class are the hungry ultra powers that can navy. Imagine being a sniper or an unrecognized sneaky unit that can see behind the walls!
? Special sarcastic words that give the team a character and cues that can be said at the time of the enemy's death. While trying to win the war, a sarcastic statement is more devastating than the heaviest weapon ...
? With a large hat fan colorize the battle with unique look.

? Deathmatch: Race to kill the most enemies in the name of the team during a straight gun fight at Blitz Brigade. Domination: Defend your position and attack key positions to capture the dominance of the battlefield. The most comprehensive teamwork test!

Capture the Flag: The enemy infiltrated the castle, flag vessel, and (here's the hard part of the job) to the base of the flag without TAKE target enemy! Member? Free-for-All: Look at the square and destroy the first thing that moves ... Then the second ... And everything that goes against it! In this crazy shooter mode, each sheep is hung from its own bacground!

? Become a place where you can show off the battlefield with lots of powerful and explosive land and air assault.
? Fly Crusher to favor the war.

? Raising over 100 weapons to personalize Kaos.

? Polishing your skills in challenging single-player missions that will prepare you for multiplayer PvP

***** No War Like! *****
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Blitz Brigade Blitz Brigade

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