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With system maintenance and backups specific threat against all Internet security while providing a wide range of proactive protection that will not slow your computer . Files from your friends , your family , your employees ? ? even from strangers , even confidently download , share and open to viruses and other malware using industry-leading technology protects all web , e-mail and immediate messaging traffic in real-time scans the two different proactive technology and new specific threat against the unique invention ratio ensures your computer hidden while staying done to check for malicious programs ( rootkits ) Search and delete your activities following the spyware program prevents protect your Identity : secret and safely shop , bank, use , listen and watch, the credit card information you want to play web pages prevents confidential information e- mail, Web or sudden prevents leakage through messaging . File shredder to permanently delete sensitive files and traces of files through encryption to protect your conversations best Ani messaging encryption keeps your conversations private on Yahoo! and MSNMessenger . File boxes are securely store confidential information and sensitive data automatically backs up files and folders
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BitDefender Total Security Download
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