Armed Heist: TPS 3D Sniper shooting gun games Download Armed Heist: TPS 3D Sniper shooting gun games 1.1.39

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license:  FreeWare
Time to get started at Armed Heist is an action-packed third-person shooter that gives you exactly what you want. Test your reflexes as you enter the bank robbery madness. Robbing banks and armored vehicles has never been more exciting while avoiding bullets in the air. Are you looking for a perfect bank-robust third-person shooter game? You came to the right place. Compete in over 70 bank robbing challenges in one of the best online third person shooter games! Your mission: Be a ruthless rogue and bank robbery crime boss! Always be the first to shoot, or the end will be the bottom of the grave. Excellent Game Features: - Customizable Weapon System - Make the wildest modified weapons you can imagine! Pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and assault rifles! Make your arsenal as deadly as possible for the next bank robbery! Modify your weapon with sight, silencers, pistol grips, barrels, butts and camouflage colors! All of these will affect the performance of your weapon. - Crime Map - A dynamic job database with low security banks and armored trucks allows you to choose which heist to do today! - Dynamic Scenarios? Get ready for excitement! In this online third-person shooter game, no bank robbing mission is played the same way for the second time. Each scenario varies according to your moves and weapon abilities. - Strengthen Your Character? Create your own brutal bank robber! You want to be a killer clown? Is it a special force? Maybe a solid gangster? Want to be a killer clown? special forces? Maybe a badass gangster? Earn masks, bulletproof vests, and great costumes. High-quality 3D graphics and immersive gameplay turn this third-person shooter into an action-packed shootout.
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