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Pishti, which more than 1,900,000 people play on Facebook, is currently on all Android devices. Enjoy playing online with real players.

It is a game in which the cards in the place are tried to be collected. When the same card as the top card on the floor is thrown, the cards in the place are taken. The wild card can collect the cards on the floor regardless of what is on the floor.

Collecting the majority ... 3 points
Throwing the same when there is only one card on the floor (Pishti) ... 10 points

+ You can join the game as a visitor, using a Facebook account or using an e-mail account.

+ You can choose the game target as 51, 101, 151 or 201 points.

+ You can provide a fast or slow game environment by selecting the game card playing speed for 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds.

+ You can play with 2 people or 4 people.

+ When one of the players leaves, the game continues with automated "bots", so the games are not interrupted.

+ If you connect back to the game within approximately 40 seconds when your internet is cut off, you can automatically join your current ongoing game.

+ You can expand your social circle by chatting with other players, and if you switch to elite (plus) package membership, you can talk to other players who are not at your table.

+ You can block players you do not like, thus preventing them from entering your table and preventing them from sending private messages.

The game, which has been played on Facebook since 2012, is now completely free on the android platform to be played online with live online players.

+ You can log into the game immediately with a Facebook account.

+ In the system, where you can earn more points if you beat the players with higher scores, the average score of the teams is based on the paired games.

+ Elite members can enter full halls, send private messages, add friends in the game.

+ Members in the points protection package lose less points if they are defeated in the game.

+ The ability to set up games with those who are looking for a fast game with the fast game feature

+ Turkish and English language support.

+ Choice of different types of playing card graphics.

+ If you forget your game password, a new password will be sent to your e-mail account.

Join the game cooked online (live) with the names cooked, cooked, pishti.

Experience the track version specially designed for mobile devices now!
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