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Keep Yoga - Yoga & Meditation & Daily Fitness benefits your health with 400 asanas, 10 yoga sessions and 7 meditation courses for both your brain and body. Lose weight, relax completely, sleep better, boost your immune system and calm down with this app. Whether you are a beginner or an expert yoga, whatever level you are, this app is the best app for you to set your exercise pace comfortably as if you were at home. . We offer different levels of yoga sessions for all users. That's why at Keep Yoga, you will have an excellent experience tailored just for you.Main Features: Multiple yoga sessions and asanas for all levels Keep Yoga - Yoga & Meditation & Daily Fitness is designed by experienced yoga instructors and includes 400 yoga classes with expert instructions. It offers 10 yoga sessions and yoga sessions for different levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Real person-guided Yoga and Meditation. Move towards your goals with audio guidance, detailed explanations and professional video guide. Keep Yoga will provide you with all the information you need to succeed. In addition to the video guide, you will better understand the advantages of each yoga posture thanks to the explanations under each video.
- Find Your Peace of Mind With just 15 minutes a day; With the voice guidance of professionals, you will learn how to focus, breathe and train your mind and body for a healthier life. Once you have learned the classical meditation technique, you will learn tricks on how to relax, manage your stress or sleep better. With the help of experts, we have created a high quality collection of soft and calm meditation music, relaxing sounds and melodies useful for meditation, relaxation and sleep. Regardless of your goal, with Keep Yoga you can lose weight, sleep better, relax and strengthen your immune system in the long term, or you can relieve pain and gain flexibility in the short term, you can find the right yoga postures here. Keep training and keep healthy with friends and family Exercise Diary Your workout history includes an exercise diary where you can check your exercise results and create your personal yoga exercise plan with Keep Yoga.
Benefits of Yoga and Meditation:
- Strengthens the immune system, keeps you fit and healthy,
- Peaceful It allows you to lose weight in an environment and strengthens your muscles
- Increases your flexibility, protects your spine and bone health
- Accelerates your blood flow, relieves fatigue - Relaxes your nervous system, provides a peaceful mind, helps you sleep deeper

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