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It's your turn to run the cutest craft workshop. Enjoy this construction experience and prove that you are an excellent construction worker.

Kids are lining up to get your best products and services. You can do activities like digging the ground, building or demolishing houses or towers, building wood products, felling trees, welding and other fun things. Do what kids want, using different construction materials, tools and machines for the best results. A good name is the biggest capital!

• Woodworking: Cut wood accurately with different saws. Make a chair, bench, fence, birdhouse or doghouse with screwdrivers or a hammer. Give the finishing touches by polishing or painting the new wood product.
• Build a tower: Build an apartment or business tower with the help of a heavy lifting crane. If some parts are not suitable for the type of tower you are building, put it on the assembly line and get the right construction piece.
• Build houses: Gather construction tools and avoid toys and candies in the Gathering minigame. Add windows, doors, balconies, stairs and roofs later to make a dream house.
• Demolish the tower: Sometimes an old building has to be demolished to make room for a new one. Use a hammer, pneumatic hammer, TNT can and wrecking ball. You will enjoy demolishing buildings in the middle of the city.
• Welding: Damage and holes need to be repaired. After you finish scrubbing the iron structure or a leaky pipe in the client's home, don't forget to wear a mask before welding!
• Warehouse: You get too many orders! Pick up the phone! Customers want to order building material. Follow the shopping list, use a Forklifts and load the boxes onto a truck.
• Timber Sawing: First cut the timber for your wooden structures with a wood saw or chainsaw in the Mini Carpenter game. Then move all the logs with a crane and cut them with circular saws.
• Construction site: Become a site manager and roll up your sleeves. Dig the material with a backhoe to fill the holes with soil, get a truck to transport it, and use a road roller to level it.
• Tile art: Remove all cracked tiles using different hammers; Apply enough glue to the floor to install the new tiles and also solve an animal puzzle.
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Builder Game Builder Game Builder Game Builder Game Builder Game Builder Game

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